Kindly ensure the following when submitting your order:

1. File Format: Ensure that your submitted file is in the ‘xlsx’ format, matching the sample provided.
2. TAG Column: It’s crucial to accurately input your TAG in the TAG column. Your TAG is your email address – the same email address you use as our B2B dropshipping partner. This is how we associate the orders to you.
3. No Registration Needed: There’s no need for formal registration. Simply use your email address to place orders, and we’ll connect those orders to your account.
4. Potential Delays: If the TAG isn’t correctly entered, we might face challenges determining which partner placed which order. Such discrepancies can lead to significant delays in order processing.
5. Accurate Customer Information: Please ensure all customer details, including mobile phone numbers and delivery addresses, are accurate. We will only process orders once full payment is received and all provided order information is verified as valid.
6. Agreement: By submitting the form, you are acknowledging and agreeing to our B2B partnership terms and conditions.
7. Fulfillment & Stock Issues: We strive to fulfill orders promptly, but occasionally, products may be out of stock or there might be unexpected
delays. If so, we will notify the customer about the estimated delivery date.
8. Customer Support Responsibility: As the seller, all responsibilities pertaining to customer support, including addressing claims and managing
returns, fall on you.
9. Stock Visibility: Our website provides current stock levels for your reference. However, be aware that this is subject to change and products can be sold out at any time. If you’re interested, we offer the option to reserve stock in advance, but such reservations require upfront full payment. Otherwise, feel free to rely on our available inventory. Our stock levels are updated monthly, based on current order trends.
10. Assistance: Should you need any assistance, please contact us at b2b@treelab.eu. We’ll do our best to respond promptly and answer any
questions you may have.
11. Building Trust: If you’re unfamiliar with our services, we recommend starting with smaller orders. This allows you to gauge our service quality firsthand. We believe that trust is fostered through consistent positive experiences.

We appreciate your partnership and are committed to ensuring a seamless experience.