General Terms and Conditions


We only accept orders for goods up to an amount of EUR 1,000 excluding VAT via our eShop. We confirm the acceptance of the order by sending an email – order confirmation. This acceptance must be read because it contains all necessary data such as delivery date, price and customer contact details. If the order is incorrectly filled we reserve the right to cancel it. We will inform you of the cancellation by email. The confirmation includes the price of the goods, quantity, estimated delivery time, stock status and other important information. In some cases, we require confirmation from the customer that he accepts our delivery conditions (minimum order quantity, long delivery time, etc.). In this case, we indicate in red in the order a request for binding acceptance of the price and delivery conditions. Orders received before 11:00 will be processed on a priority basis.


The price of the goods is indicated in the eShop, and is also indicated on the invoice, in the quotation(in the case of larger quantities) and in the order confirmation by email. The price cannot be changed after payment (retrospectively). The price cannot be changed, except for current promotions and quantity discounts. The price is fixed but subject to discounts based on the total order amount. Prices are shown on receipts both with and without VAT.


The estimated delivery date is indicated in the eShop, in the quotation or in the order confirmation. We consider the delivery date to be a reference date, subject to change based on new facts. In most cases, we cannot significantly influence the delivery time. A more precise delivery date is stated in the order confirmation. However, it may happen that the goods are sold out and have to be re-entered into production. In this case, we will inform you of the new delivery date.


The goods are the property of Tree Lab s.r.o. until the invoice is paid. We will only send the goods after the full amount has been paid. Payment up to the amount of 1000 EUR is possible exclusively through the payment gateway – by credit card. We do not send goods on cash on delivery. We send goods only after the full amount has been credited to our bank account. We send invoices exclusively in electronic form, thus saving the environment. The invoice is generated automatically when the goods are dispatched. If the goods are shipped more than 14 days after payment, we send a tax document – confirmation of receipt of payment.


We send the manufactured goods by courier company or by post with delivery usually within 48 hours for Slovakia and within 72 hours for the Czech Republic. For orders over 100 EUR the postage is free. We reserve the right to change the charged postage costs according to the current situation and transport prices. We confirm the delivery time for goods that are not manufactured by email in the order confirmation. If the delivery time is too long for you, it is possible to cancel the order. Cancellation of an order due to a long delivery time can only be done by email, in which all necessary details for a refund are provided, in particular the order number, the amount, the account number and the full name of the account holder. Personal collection of goods is not currently possible.


The goods are packed in such a way as to prevent damage in transit. In the event of delivery of damaged goods or package, a claim must be sent without delay, together with a photograph, to the carrier concerned and to us at The package is marked with the carrier’s sticker and after unpacking, the original package is marked with our logo and re-stamped with an intact original sticker with our company’s logo so that it cannot be opened without breaking this sticker. In the event of a breach of this sticker, the goods have been unpacked. In this case, you must check the contents of the packaging and inform us at


The customer has the possibility to complain about incomplete quantity, defects or quality of the delivered goods. Tree Lab s.r.o accepts claims for damaged packaging or incomplete goods within five (5) working days of delivery to the customer. Claims for damaged or unpacked packaging or incomplete contents will not be accepted after five (5) business days of delivery. Photographs of the claimed item must be provided with the claim. In the event that a claim is accepted by the Claims Department, the claimed damaged or defective merchandise must be shipped to the address provided by us to correct the defect. Claims for replacement goods are only possible after the delivery of the claimed goods to our company. We endeavour to deal with claims promptly, but the legal time limit for consideration of a claim is thirty (30) days from receipt of the claim together with the goods claimed. The goods must be sent in the condition in which they were delivered, taking into account normal wear and tear, and packed in their original packaging. In the event of a failure within the statutory warranty period, the goods need not be packed in the original packaging but must be delivered in such a way that they will not be damaged in transit. Such damage would be grounds for not accepting the claim, due to the impossibility of ascertaining when the damage occurred (e.g. wetting or deformation of components). When making a claim, it is necessary to prove that the goods were purchased from us by providing a photograph of the proof of purchase or invoice. If the claim is accepted, the amount will be sent to your account within seven working days of acceptance.


Goods cannot be returned due to a change of mind or incorrect ordering. In the event of a cancellation of an order, goods that have been put into production to fulfil that order will be delivered and invoiced. In the event that Tree Lab Ltd allows an exception, the order may be cancelled and the amount paid refunded. In this case you must email all necessary details for the refund, in particular the order number, amount, account number and full name of the account holder. In the event of a claim for the reasons stated in this paragraph, the customer shall bear the shipping costs. When claiming goods, it is necessary to prove that they were purchased from us by providing a photo of the proof of purchase or invoice.

9. Other conditions

All matters not specified in these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic.


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