Artificial intelligence demystified


“Artificial intelligence demystified: Understand A.I. and prepare for the future” is your definitive guide to the universe of AI. Journey from the beginnings of this groundbreaking technology, understand its current applications, and explore what the future holds.

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This comprehensive 84-pages long guide will demystify AI, explaining complex concepts in an engaging and accessible way. Whether you’re a student, a technology enthusiast, a professional looking to pivot to AI, or someone curious about the impact of AI on our society and future, this book is for you.

Highlights of the book include:
– An in-depth look at the history and pioneers of AI.
– A lucid explanation of different types of AI and their real-world applications.
– An exploration of the ethical, societal, and legal implications of AI.
– Insights into the cutting-edge AI concepts like General AI, Brain-Computer Interfaces, and Superintelligence.
– A practical guide to building your own AI model.
– Discussions on the potential and limitations of AI, the efforts in mitigating AI risks, and the future research directions.

With its global perspective, the book delves into AI collaborations, competitions, and regulations around the world, offering a holistic view of the AI landscape.

The combination of rich content, real-world examples, and practical insights makes this book a valuable addition to your library. Embark on the journey of understanding AI and embrace the era of artificial intelligence with ” Artificial intelligence demystified: Understand A.I. and prepare for the future”.